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Last Day in Curacao 08.03.2015
Tugboat and Open Atelier 07.03.2015
Visit to the Sea Aquarium 06.03.2015
Snorkeling up the Island 05.03.2015
Arts and Crafts 04.03.2015
Beaches in the North West 03.03.2015
More Blue Lizard Excitement and Checking out the Old Town 02.03.2015
Our New Home in Curacao 02.03.2015
Little Blue Lizard 28.02.2015
More Exploring in Bonaire 27.02.2015
Cactus Adventure 26.02.2015
Snorkeling and Not 25.02.2015
Iguanas and Birds 25.02.2015
Goodbye to Panama, Hello Bonaire 23.02.2015
Casco Antiguo and the Biodiversity Museum 21.02.2015
Visit to an Embera Village 20.02.2015
Visiting the Panama Canal 19.02.2015
Back in Panama City 18.02.2015
Carnival in Las Tablas 18.02.2015
Saying Goodbye to New Friends 13.02.2015
Just a Few Days Left in Boquete 11.02.2015
Internet is Back! 10.02.2015
Two Days in One 07.02.2015
Lost Waterfalls and All That Jazz 06.02.2015
Hiking and the Jazz Festival 04.02.2015
My Garden is Your Garden and Grease 03.02.2015
Home from the Beach 02.02.2015
Going to the Beach 01.02.2015
Quetzal, quetzal, quetzal 31.01.2015
Orchids, Orchids, Orchids 30.01.2015
Journey to Volcan 29.01.2015
Rainy Day in Paradise 28.01.2015
Rental Car Headache!! 27.01.2015
Exploring by Car 26.01.2015
Walking to San Francisco Plaza 25.01.2015
An Outing Cancelled 24.01.2015
A Long Walk 23.01.2015
Quiet Day at Home 22.01.2015
Shortcut to Town 21.01.2015
Tuesday Market 20.01.2015
Rainbows over Boquete 19.01.2015
Cost of Living 18.01.2015
Crowded Boquete 17.01.2015
Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair 16.01.2015
Moving to Boquete 15.01.2015
Sailing on a Catamaran 14.01.2015
Red Frog Beach 14.01.2015
Trip to Zapatillas Cays 13.01.2015
Bastimentos Here We Come 12.01.2015
Arrival in Panama 11.01.2015